Friday, March 25, 2011

Fiber art

Tonight my hubby and I stopped by Satchel's, our favorite pizza joint, to pick up a pie for dinner. We got there before the pizza was ready so we headed to Lightnin' Salvage, a curious amalgamation of music hall, five and dime, and junk museum. If you're ever in Gainesville, the whole place is definitely worth a visit. Satchel even installed a bocce court in the back forty.

Lightnin' Salvage always has a few interesting collections on display and tonight was no exception. Check out this unique fiber art piece.

Fiber art (aka dryer lint)

Can you tell what it's made of? Here's another look.

Fiber art (aka dryer lint)

Did you guess it? It's an entire mass of dryer lint! Too crazy! Here's the crazy explanation behind how it ended up on display at Lightnin' Salvage (click on the photo to see it bigger).

Explanation of fiber art (aka dryer lint)

This 3D lint sculpture reminded me of the crazy amount of lint that piles up in my own dryer vent when I'm felting sweaters, though it's nothing compared to this.

And now that I'm rattling on about dryer lint, I'm reminded of an artist I once saw on an HGTV show who made "paintings" out of dryer lint. Seriously. Did anyone else see that episode on "Crafters Coast to Coast" aka "That's Clever"?

At any rate, I thought this might make y'all smile. Hope you all have fun and creative weekends!


Liz Noonan said...

omg. both wrong and cool, i love it! must have been weird to eat pizza after tho! ;-)

Katherine said...

Completely love Satchel's and Lightning Salvage. Hard to explain if you've never been. (I've tried.)


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