Sunday, March 27, 2011

Botany, bling, bias, and babies, or my trip to Washington, D.C.

Cherry blossoms, Washington DC
The National Cherry Blossom Festival kicks off this weekend in Washington, D.C. My sister tells me that it's absolutely amazing because the entire Tidal Basin area is enshrouded with cherry blossoms. We were up there visiting a few weeks ago and managed to see a few early birds unfurling their delicate petals, but nothing like the full-on display that's probably going on now.

We also had a chance to poke around and see some of the wonderful (and free!) sights around the National Mall. In my mind, any visit to the Mall isn't complete with a quick loop through the First Ladies collection. I adored this gown from Mamie Eisenhower, both for its mid-century cut and its lush color. Sorry it's out of focus -- it was a little dark in there.

American History Museum

And check out the detail on this gown that Pat Nixon wore. Talk about bling!

American History Museum

While my hubby was didn't object to coming with me to see the pretty dresses, he much preferred our visit to the National Air and Space Museum. And surprisingly, I found some lovely creative inspiration there, like the dreamy background color and interesting font on this Russian rocket.

National Air and Space Museum, Washington, DC

I adored this collage board of World War II era ephemera collected from soldiers who served in the Pacific Theater. Isn't that pin-up girl just so cute and sassy?

National Air and Space Museum, Washington, DC

And looky here -- who knew that there would be sewing terms hidden inside such a techie museum! Apparently the wings of the Wright brothers' glider were covered with a single layer of French sateen fabric stretched on the bias.

National Air and Space Museum, Washington, DC

Aside from seeing my adorable one-year-old twin nephews, the best part of the weekend was definitely getting to go up inside the Washington Monument. I'd never been before and we lucked into tickets while we were on our way to have lunch with my friend Sarah.

Washington Monument, Washington, DC

Holy moly -- you can see forever from up there! Here's the view looking down the Mall toward the Capitol.

From top of Washington Monument

This shot is looking toward the WWII Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and the Lincoln Monument.

From top of Washington Monument

And do you recognize the building in the center of this one? It's the White House!

White House

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Hi! I just saw your comment on my lounge chair from Remodelaholic. Thanks for the tip on surging the seams. I'll have to do that before I wash it. We also went to DC a trip a few weeks ago. I was bummed the reflecting pool had been drained!


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