Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween pre-weekend

In the true spirit of the sassy crafter, I cooked up this costume in nothin' flat. I stopped by Loop de Loop at around 6pm and visited with my friends Cat and Perry. Cat insisted that I try on this little green dress, saying that it looked perfect for me. Aside from being a little big, it was indeed perfect. I took it home thinking that one day I'd transform it into the perfect cigarette girl costume.

So I get home, eat some chow, and commence watching Game 3 of the World Series. Sometime after 9pm I get inspired to start transforming the dress into the envisioned cigarette girl costume. Around 10pm I get a call from Cat saying that she's on her way to a Halloween party and that I should join her and her friends. Sewing complete, I move on to the other critical details of the costume -- the pillbox hat and the tray featuring cigarettes and candy. I frantically empty the change from the little basket that I keep on my dresser, and then go digging in my utility shed for black spray paint. Bingo.

As the paint is drying I rush inside to put on a smattering of make-up. After all, a cigarette girl's look isn't complete without deep lipstick and false eyelashes. Then I remove the dust cover from my turntable so that I have a tray, and raid the nicotine I keep stashed in my freezer. One final stop at Walgreen's for some candy and I'm ready to roll.

Needless to say, the costume was well receieved. Of course, why wouldn't it be if I'm offering people free drugs and candy?

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