Monday, November 26, 2007

Elegant organization

Here's a preview of my December column for The Satellite. A big trend these days is to buy coordinated boxes to organize household clutter. Rather than buy them, why not make them? This project uses the stationery boxes that used to pile up next to the recycling bins at my old office. I simply recovered them with wrapping paper that matches my decor scheme. Voila! Elegant organization.

Here are the step-by-step instructions.

1) Cut two pieces of wrapping paper—26 11/16” across by 29 3/16” tall for the base, and 15 11/16” across by 18 1/4” tall for the top--either from the same roll or from coordinating rolls. Be sure to use a straight edge, and if necessary a T-square, to keep your cuts square.

2) On the larger sheet, draw a line 8 1/2” in from each margin. The center rectangle marks where the box bottom will go. Cut along the lines to remove the square from each corner.

3) Apply a thin and even coat of Yes! brand paste to the center square of the larger piece of paper. (Tip: An old credit card works great as an applicator.) Position the box on the glued area and smooth the paper to remove air bubbles.

4) Lay down a drop cloth of waxed paper and apply paste to one of the short flaps. Press the paper firmly against the outside of the box, and then fold the remaining paper to the inside of the box. Burnish again to remove air bubbles. Repeat with the remaining flaps, being sure to change out the waxed paper each time. (Note: If you’re worried about exposed corners, cut your shorter flaps 1” wider and glue these wings in place underneath the longer flaps.)

5) Now finish the box top. On the remaining sheet, draw lines 2 7/8” from each margin. Cut out the corner sections and follow the steps three and four to adhere the paper to the lid. For a final touch, cut two pieces of paper to fit inside the box top (9 13/16” by 12 3/8”) and bottom (9 9/16” by 12 1/16”). Paste in place.


The Lazy Organizer said...

Wonderfully organized and beautiful!

Kim said...



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