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Felted calendar cover

Felted calendar cover
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Even with the ongoing surge of technology, paper calendars remain the tried and true way of keeping track of what's going on in life. In this era of ever-increasing personalization, why not create a fun cover to protect your paper planner throughout the year? You can also use the same technique to cover journals or other favorite books.

What you need:

Wool sweater
Washing machine
Felt scrap

What to do:

1) Find a wool or wool-blend sweater and felt it by machine washing it with hot water and a small amount of detergent. Include an old pair of jeans or a towel to help the felting process. Let dry, either at room temperature or in a dryer set to medium or high.

2) Open the calendar and measure its width and height, and then cut an identically sized rectangle from the felt. Also cut two panels that are the same height as the calendar and 2 1/2 inches wide. These will create the flaps to hold the calendar's front and back covers.

3) Create an apple applique (say that ten times fast!) from a scrap of contrasting felt and sew this to the front cover, either by hand or with a machine. Next, pin the panels to the cover and sew in place on three sides with a scant 1/4" seam allowance.

4) Cut a length of ribbon to serve as a page holder and sew this to the top center of the cover's spine.

5) Now insert your calendar and get organized!

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This tutorial originally appeared in the February issue of The Satellite. At this point, it looks like it will be the last tutorial to appear in that publication, since it is no longer printing. I'm working on finding another print publication that can run my columns.

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That is really cool! I love the coziness.

kim taylor - - - the sassy crafter said...

Thanks, Rachel! Love your blog!


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