Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Weekend surprises

I went to the Kanapaha Garden Festival this weekend and ran into another artist I know, Christie Adams. I had totally forgotten that she normally has a booth at that show.

As usual, I was blown away by her booth -- both by the display itself with all of its retro accents, and of course by her individual creations, which are always so unique. I took a few photos that offer a glimpse of her crafty goodness.

Just look at all the great rickrack projects! Be still my heart. I do have such a weakness for rickrack. Who knew that you could make such fun accessories out of old rickrack?

The best darn jewelry booth!

The best darn jewelry booth!

The best darn jewelry booth!

The best darn jewelry booth!

Perhaps surprisingly, I didn't buy one of her rickrack pieces. Instead, I just couldn't resist the pincushion corsage. It reminded me a lot of the big felted flowers I make, but at the same time totally unique. Gotta love Christie and the things she comes up with!

The best darn jewelry booth!

If you want to see Christie's creations firsthand in Gainesville, you can also catch her at the O'Connell Center craft show in December. And she usually has a few pieces at Beads by Avalon in the Millhopper Shopping Center. Or if you're in the Jacksonville area, check out her booth at Fans and Stoves antique mall in the Five Points neighborhood. And of course, you can always email her at evonsmuse1@yahoo.com.

The best darn jewelry booth!


Joane said...

Nice article. Christie is my daughter. I am very proud of her and her work. She has an incrediable natural talent, which she didn't get from me....doggone it! :o) I'm not just saying that because I'm related, but because it's true....she IS very creative and has a incrediable artistic talent. Thanks,
Joan Dickens

Kim said...

Joan-- Thanks for posting a comment! Indeed, Christie is amazingly talented and creative. I always love seeing the things she comes up with.


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