Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quick CHA update

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I'm sitting in LAX getting ready to board my flight back from the CHA show. Wow, was it fabulous! I made a ton of great contacts and saw some really cool stuff on the trade show floor. I'll post some details about the free stuff I snagged and the cool things I made once I'm home, but for now I have a date with a red-eye flight!

Gator fans: Check out the orange and blue carpet at the Anaheim Convention Center!

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Margot Potter said...


It was great meeting you! Thanks for the kind words. My class in Tucson was a huge success, which made the CHA debacle a little less painful. Ah well. I'll be teaching again at the Summer show with the project I taught in Tucson. That should be a better, less stressful experience!

So glad you enjoyed regardless and I surely hope to meet you again in the future. Best of luck with everything!

Warm regards,


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