Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Say it ain't so!

My most favorite craft magazine ever -- CRAFT -- is folding! Issue 10 will be the last issue. Hey, at least craft goddess Amy Sedaris is on the cover so the magazine's going out in style.

Here's the lowdown from CRAFT:

Two and a half years ago, inspired by the DIY creativity of a growing number of indie crafters, we launched CRAFT Magazine along with its companion website, Since then, we've become an integral part of the new craft community. We've been fully committed to encouraging more people to discover the joy of crafting.

All along, we have noticed that has been growing steadily. At the same time, we've come to realize that there were more and more challenges in publishing CRAFT as a print magazine, especially with the costs of print and distribution rising, and diminishing interest among advertisers in print. So we've decided that Volume 10, our Celebrate Like Crazy issue, will be our last print issue and that the future of CRAFT is online.

Sigh. I'm really bummed out by this. Sure I know the issues are $15 a pop, but to me, it's a non-issue. I've been a subscriber since day one because this magazine was so different from everything out there. It's the only publication that covers the entire spectrum of the craft world rather than honing in some sort of micro-craft (including the countless scrapbooking magazines, but don't get me started).

I'm also bummed because I rubbed elbows with Tina Barseghian at CHA and finally got up the nerve to pitch my atomic eggbeater clock as a project for the publication. Well, maybe I can still submit it as a project for their online site, Don't get me wrong -- I've always enjoyed -- but it isn't as easy to curl up with on the couch as the magazine was.

I feel the same way I did when Sassy stopped publishing. 

R.I.P CRAFT. You'll be sorely missed.


Anonymous said...

I was sad when I saw the post on Face book. It was great meeting you!

Kim said...

Hi Niki,

I know -- I was super bummed about the magazine. Darn economy!

And yes, it was great to meet you at CHA too! Let me know if you'll be at the summer show.


woof nanny said...

Oh bumer. I really miss Organic Style and Blueprint also. Running a magazine must be a difficult business in good times, and these are difficult times. Thank goodness for Readymade, and of course Threadbanger.
Ignore my flickr mail--I found you! You made a comment on my blog, and I saved the email so I could check back on your blog site when I had time. I'll have to spend some serious time checking everything out. Thanks so much for your nice comment about my blog.

Kim said...

And Domino folded too! I used to like that magazine before it got too expensive for my taste. Thanks again for visiting my blog and commenting back!


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