Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Countdown

This time of year, kids can hardly wait for the man in the red suit to bring toys to all good girls and boys. One way to help kids count the days is with an Advent calendar. But why settle for an old-fashioned paper one? Make a 3-D sculpture that can hold a small surprise for every day between now and Christmas Eve!

What you need:

Particle board
Spray paint

What to do:

1) Dig out the candy tins that you've been collecting in your junk drawer (c'mon, you know you can't bear to throw those cute Altoids tins). Arrange 24 tins in a tree shape on a large piece of paper. Trace around the tree and around each tin. Cut out the tree pattern and use then transfer it onto the particle board. (Note: I actually did the layout directly on the MDF, but it's easier in the long run to create a pattern.)

Altoids Advent calendar -- step 1

2) Cut out the tree using the jigsaw, then sand rough edges and wipe off residual dust. Spray paint the tree and the tins, adding extra coats if necessary.

Altoids Advent calendar -- step 2

Altoids Advent calendar -- step 3

3) Figure out which tin goes where by referring to your pattern, and then attach the tins to the tree with two-part epoxy. Apply number decals to the tins, add some candy or other surprises, and then count the days until Santa arrives!

Altoids Advent calendar -- step 4

Altoids Advent calendar (detail)

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This column will appear in the December issue of The Satellite, North Central Florida's premiere alt-monthly.


cingleguy37 said...

Very Cool Clever.

Stash said...

this is bloody brilliant, my dear!

Kim said...

Thanks, y'all! I was happy to have finally come up with a unique project for the Altoids tins I've been saving for what seems like for-evah.

Kristy said...

this is so smart! and the execution is so stylish, too...

Carolyn said...

Love the tin box use! Found it too late for this year but I'm definitely making one for '09. Thanks!

jessica said...

just searching around and found you.
now this is very creative.

kim taylor - - - the sassy crafter said...

Hi Jessica! Thanks for stopping by. Your photos of Bahia look amazing, especially considering its been consistently in the 20s here in Florida this week!


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