Saturday, October 18, 2008

Easy Art!

Easy Art!
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If you're looking for some affordable new art to hang on your wall, look no further than your napkin drawer. A number of manufacturers are making paper napkins that are so beautiful they're almost art. All you need to do is attach a napkin to a canvas, add a few finishing touches, and you'll have a new masterpiece.

What you need:

+ Napkin
+ Canvas
+ Paint
+ Paint brush
+ Scissors
+ Gel medium
+ Embellishments

What to do:

1) Artsy gift stores and galleries often stock unique cocktail napkins so look there for a napkin that suits your artistic taste. Then visit your local art supply store and buy a canvas that's slightly bigger than your napkin. If you'd like to pay homage to Andy Warhol, you can repeat four images on one canvas--just buy a larger canvas. Assemble your supplies.

Assemble supplies

2) Paint the edges of the canvas using a color that coordinates with the napkin and let dry. (Tip: Use an old phone book to protect your work surface and you'll have a clean surface each time you turn the page.)

Paint edges of canvas

3) Trim the napkin to fit the canvas and attach using gel medium. Then add a top coat of gel medium.

Add top coat of gel medium

4) Attach a few embellishments to add depth and texture--a used postage stamp, a few beads to act as a necklace and earrings, and a word from a vintage dictionary. You're done! Hang your new art on the wall and enjoy.

Remember that the artwork on these napkins is copyrighted, so don't try selling these canvas creations on Etsy or eBay!

This tutorial originally appeared in the October issue of The Satellite.


debra said...

this is too cute for words! my crafty mom will love it and maybe i'll find some botanical napkins to create a few mini-canvases for my office. tres chic, Kim!
xoxo Debra

Kim said...

Thanks, Debra! Please send me images of any botanical canvases you create -- I'll post them here for my other readers to enjoy.

Stash said...

great creation!
love the saying

Jen said...

I especially like the phone book suggestion - I would have never thought of that!


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