Sunday, March 16, 2008

Green project

plant tags
So this month's project has a green theme -- not only is it green because it promotes recycling, it's a great project for those of you who have green thumbs! The basic idea is to turn old mini-blinds into fashionable tags for your plants.

Start with an old set of mini-blinds, wiping them down if they're dusty or dirty.

Next, lay out a few slats and paint them. I used three different colors: light green, dark green, and gold, in that order. I chose to paint the layers wet on wet, to allow the tones to blend together and give a natural look. I was hoping the final tags would look like aged copper (they didn't exactly, but they still looked cool).
step 1
When the paint is dry, flip the slats over and paint the reverse sides.

Once the second side dries, cut the slats into 6-inch lengths (you don't have to be exact). Round the top corners and trim the bottom into a point so that the final product looks like a plant tag. Then use a permanent marker to write the names of the plants on the tags. You're done!

Of course, you can always skip the painting step and just use the mini-blinds in their natural state. I just prefer the artsy, embellished look to the blank white plastic.

finished tags

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