Tuesday, February 19, 2008


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I scored a pile of corks at a local wine-tasting fundraiser that I went to with my friend Sarah. 

I just couldn't bear to see them all end up in the trash can when I knew they could be transformed into something entirely different (even a boat, apparently).

I'm thinking that I'll make them into some new project, maybe a trivet or a bulletin board. Anyone have any other suggestions? wine tasting
"A Celebration of Wine"
Originally uploaded by sassycrafter


Laura said...

This Old House magazine has some great suggestions this month on what to do with wine corks...

Erin said...

i have been saving corks fa-eva after i saw this really cool curtain/wall hanging at a winery in BC made with fishing line and a bunch of other random oeno-crap...i don't know if i'll ever make it, but if i find a pic i'll send it to you.
my other idea is to top a table (or a couple small tables) with them. no coasters necessary! and if they're ugly, they'll become plant stands. no saucers necessary!
if all else fails, i shall build a cork robot.

Kim said...

Wow. Great ideas -- thanks!


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