Thursday, April 03, 2008

Recycled glass sculpture

Recycled glass sculpture
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You never know where you'll find inspiration. I saw this nifty suncatcher hanging in the window of a deli in Washington, D.C., when I was there last week.

It's cleverly made of colored glass plates set in a frame. I was thinking this would be pretty easy to pull if you coudl find a way to create a frame. My first thought was to use a jigsaw and sheet of plywood to create a frame. Then the frame could be painted and the plates epoxied into place. Any other ideas for how to create a frame?

For a closeup shot of the project, click on the photo at right and then view the closeup shot via my Flickr account.


MakeMineCadburys said...

Well, although it wouldn't be quite the same, you can buy U shaped lead "came" from any stained glass store, bend it around the plate, and solder it closed, then solder each plate to another. You might have to add wire (old coathanger, anyone?) in between some of them (for stability) and bend some wire and solder in for hanging. P.S. You could also use brass or copper came, but you need to have a saw and a way to bend it!!

Kim said...

Ooh... good thinking!


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