Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Broken tile, fancy planter

mosaic planterI just got back from Oklahoma City where I was attending a Garden Writers Association conference. We got to see a number of fantastic gardens, including the McMayhill & Baker garden that I totally fell in love with, including this mosaic container garden.

The planter was particularly clever to me, because it showed how you could take a boring concrete or terra cotta pot and sass it up with some broken tile or other mosaic materials. An easy way to add pizazz to your garden!

magic light The house is owned by a gay couple who have an incredible sense of style. One is a hairdresser and the other is an interior designer. I wish I had pictures of the interior of their house--the art work and tablescapes they had created were just amazing. (They're lucky I didn't hide in one of their closets and emerge later announcing that I was moving in!) I did, however, walk away with a number of photos of their fabulous garden that I shot for work.

I shot beaucoup images at their house, but my absolute favorite scene was a large glass carboy placed on a rustic wood table. The early morning sunlight was streaming through the moisture-coated glass in a magical way. Seeing little vignettes like that really makes me appreciate the subtle beauty of life.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sassy, if you like what can happen with plane concrete check out what I did with a pair of bowling balls! Stefanie Girard


Switchgrass said...

I was on this tour and am looking for a source for the lollipop sculptures in this garden. There was a postcard with information about the scultures given out during the tour. Did you get one?

Kim said...

Hi Switchgrass-- Hmmm... I didn't see the post cards. However, I did speak with one of the owners while we were there on the tour. I thought he said that they had bought the rock sculptures at an estate sale earlier that week. It was the estate of a retired geologist who had amassed quite a collection of unique rocks.

However, I'm guessing that there must me a commercial source for similiar rock sculptures. Happy hunting!



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