Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year's intentions

Happy New Year! It isn't the first of the year, but it is the 11th -- 1/11/11 -- which I think has an equally nice ring to it. I figured now was as good a time as any to lay out my New Year's intentions.

I don't like the word "resolutions." For some reason that just feels too stodgy for me. Another option would be to pick guide words, like Danielle LaPorte did recently (if you don't know her site, definitely check it out -- she's very inspiring).

At any rate, here are my big three:

1. Focus.
2. Live from the heart.
3. Make healthy choices.

Focus is first and foremost, because I find that it's all too easy for me to get my mind spinning on new projects when I need to wrap up the things I've already committed to. I intend to make creativity (and hopefully blogging too!) a more regular part of my life. And I think that by staying focused on the things I'm really passionate about, I'll end up with greater overall peace and happiness.

It's also important to me to continue living from the heart and believe in the good in life. At times I let fear cloud my judgement, but that never feels good or accomplishes anything positive. So I'm going to stick with love. And speaking of which, I have another post coming up that relates to love. Stay tuned!

Finally, I want to make more healthy choices in my life. I want and need exercise to be a regular part of my life again. I want to eat food that makes me feel healthy and that tastes good. And I want to feel good about the choices I'm making. This includes carving out a little white space in each week just for me, so that I can unwind for thirty minutes or so and recharge by reading a book, listening to music, or just sitting and watching life unfold before me.  Those quiet times are what help recharge my batteries, and heaven knows I need a full charge with all of the things that I allow to get added to my to-do list!

Speaking of which, I'm off to finish a little project for a friend. He bought his daughter a special bag for her birthday and I promised to embroider her name on it. Should be fun!

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Amy said...

hey Sassy Crafter! i saw a while ago you mentioned an acupuncturist? do you have a good recommendation? i've been really hating my general practitioner options in this town and have been wanting more integrated medicine.



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