Sunday, May 02, 2010

Executive chef apron tutorial

The executive chef apron that I sent off last July is now appearing in the Summer 2010 issue of Altered Couture magazine. Here are the details on how to make your own.

  1. Start with an old men's dress shirt, either from a thrift store or from the back of the closet. Make sure it is clean and freshly pressed. Also choose two neckties that coordinate with the shirt, which you'll use later as the waistband and apron strings.
  2. Slip the shirt onto a dress form and begin shaping the apron bodice. Use a dissappearing ink marker to outline the edge of the bodice and back yoke. If you'd like a tailored fit, also mark two bust darts. Also draw a line to represent where you would like the waistline to fall. Cut out the bodice, leaving a ¼-inch seam allowance along the sides and back yoke and a ½-inch seam allowance along the waist.
  3. Sew the bust darts first. Then use bias tape to finish the raw edges along the sides and back of the bodice. Stay-stitch the waistband using a 1/4-inch seam allowance.
  4. Take the bottom half of the original shirt and cut it open along the center back. Run a long basting stitch along the top edge of this piece and gather it to form the apron skirt. Top-stitch to secure the gathers. Then use double-fold bias tape to attach the bodice to the skirt.
  5. Whipstitch the two neckties together at their widest points and hand then sew them along the waistline of the apron. Tuck a monogrammed handkerchief in the boday and you're set!
Now I'm off for a vacation in the Pacific Northwest. I'm excited because we'll be visiting a number of beautiful gardens, but I'm also going to carve out some time for some crafty adventures. Should be fun!

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Kelly said...

Congratulations. Very cool.


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