Monday, March 01, 2010

New Etsy listings and workshops

I have a few updates to share with everyone. First, I'm no longer a contestant in "So You Think You're Crafty." Sadly, my UFO lamp didn't garner enough votes for me to make it through the "Retro" challenge.

It's been a lot of fun though. If you have the time, please keep tuning in and voting for your favorites. I know that the remaining crafters would definitely appreciate it. And speaking of appreciation, thanks so very much to all of YOU who voted for ME in the past few weeks!

As an eternal optimist, I'm trying to look at my elimination as a good thing. After all, not being in the contest any longer means that I have more time on my hands for other things. The first thing I tackled was taking some photos and adding new items to my Etsy shop. I added a few souvenir clocks, and I even listed the bib necklace that I created for the "Alabama Studio Style" contest (pictured here). It was a tough call because I literally spent hours sewing this thing. Here's a shot of me getting started on the project on the flight up to see my sister. (You might recognize that pin cushion from my audition round at SYTYC.)

Sewing on the plane

I received such a positive response from people on Facebook and Flickr (thanks, y'all!), that I figured I'd offer it for sale and see what happens with it.

Speaking of the "Alabama Studio Style" contest, if you're a BurdaStyle member then please consider voting for my project. I'd really appreciate it! The winners receive a host of cool prizes, including a weekend workshop at Natalie Chanin's studio. You can vote for it here. Thanks!

This week I'm also going to come up with some new workshop ideas to pitch to the Alachua County Library system. I try to do workshops that use cheap or free materials and that are suited for a range of age groups. Any suggestions for new workshops?

And speaking of workshops, I'm offering two free ones next week:
Hope to see you there!


Crafty Gemini said...

Just voted for your necklace in the Burda competition! Good luck and keep up the great work!

kim taylor - - - the sassy crafter said...

Looks like I'm pretty far behind in the standings, so your vote is really appreciated! If I don't win then maybe I'll start saving my pennies with the hopes of one day attending an Alabama Studio workshop.


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