Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Etsy finds -- Anthropologie-inspired items

It's no secret that I am in love with Anthropologie -- their products, their catalog layouts, and their stores. Any time I'm within a 100-mile radius of an Anthropologie store, I'm like a moth to a flame. So it's not probably surprising that I'm electing to do an Anthropologie-inspired Etsy Finds Wednesday. The best part is that the items I'm featuring are easier on the wallet than a trip to Anthro, and they're all made by independent crafters!

This red robin embellished tee is from LizzyBrookes. I love the way she pieced together the bits of fabric and appliqued them to the top -- to me, they're reminiscent of an old Victorian crazy quilt. She has a number of darling tops in her Etsy shop, as well as some rosette bib necklaces. Is anyone else noticing how popular roses are these days? Seems like they're everywhere!

This flea market knit tunic by gardenhouseboutique is what prompted this entire post. I found her photo on Flickr in the I Love Anthropologie group. I'm a fan of deep V-necks and textural embellishment on clothing, so naturally I clicked through to her blog and Etsy shop to learn more. I discovered that she has some really cute embellished hoodies, too.

Anthopologie inspired tunicAnd what was I saying about roses? This Join the Navy Necklace by All Things Tinsel has beautiful blue rosettes alongside gold chain, giving it a distinct nautical look. And, it looks like it's straight off of the Anthropologie jewelry racks.

P.S. For more inspiring photos direct from the folks at Anthropologie, visit them on Flickr.


Simone Howell said...

Thanks for the feature! Such a great post about Anthro-- my favorita place of all times too!! Love your blog, I'll be checking back in often!

kim taylor - - - the sassy crafter said...

I know, Simone -- isn't Anthro totally addictive? If only my bank account allowed me to shop there more often. Sigh. Guess I need to sell a few more items on Etsy!


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