Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Etsy finds -- calendars

I don't know about you, but I'm constantly finding cool things on Etsy. As part of my New Year's resolution to blog more often, I'm going to start featuring Etsy items every Wednesday. I picked a weekday so that you'll have something fun to look at while you're scanning blogs during your lunch hour at work (which is what I like to do).

Since it's now a new year, I've been looking at calendars. I've always loved picking out new calendars. The process gives me that same fresh feeling I used to get when I would stock up on school supplies each fall.

Here's the calendar I'm getting for my office, offered by VintageRescueSquad. It's called the "Dreaming of Junking" calendar. I picked it so that I'd have a little bit of creative inspiration while I'm at my day job. My co-workers there already know how much I like junking and thrifting!

junk calendar

And here's the one I'm planning to get for the kitchen, offered by YeeHaw Industries. I better get on it though -- the one I originally wanted is already gone! I picked a calendar from YeeHaw Industries because, to me, their work reflects the quirky things I love about living in the Deep South. And yes, the part of Florida where I live is culturally a part of the South, unlike South Florida which is pretty much filled with transplanted Yankees.

YeeHaw Industries calendar
Swing by the YeeHaw Industries Etsy shop for some of their other fabulous pieces. I love the cowgirl contortionist!


marissa said...

oh they are both so great, I need to find myself some calendars before they all disappear

kim taylor - - - the sassy crafter said...

It seems like there are still plenty on Etsy. I had at least a dozen others that I fell in love with. Good luck!


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