Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Refashion Your Wardrobe

Re-purposed top
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I'm offering yet another new class this spring through the UF Leisure Course Program. This one's a low- or no-sew class, so it's great for anyone who want to freshen up her wardrobe using a few crafty tricks.

Refashion Your Wardrobe
Wednesday, March 31 -- 6-9pm
Tired of what’s in your closet? In this class, we’ll take a basic top from your existing wardrobe and transform it using fabric paint, trim, embroidery, beadwork, and other effects (example: http://bit.ly/4zIEbt). The final product will make you look like you stepped out of the pages of a designer fashion catalog! The class is taught by Kim Taylor, aka “The Sassy Crafter” (http://sassycrafter.blogspot.com). Students must bring a top (long or short-sleeved, preferably a knit pullover style) and $10 lab fee payable in cash to the instructor to cover the cost of materials.

Registration opens on January 11, and you can register online through the UF Leisure Course site.

And on a related note, this top appears in the Jan/Feb issue of "Belle Armoire" magazine. Yay! That means that I met one of my crafty goals for the year, which was to have my work published in a national magazine. Okay, so technically the issue appears in 2010 but they mailed me my courtesy copy this week, so I feel like that's close enough.

"Belle Armoire" magazine feature


Karen Wallace said...

... I want a university that offers "leisure courses"! Horsemanship, bartending, martial arts ... so jealous! Oh, and fab top -- that was the post that brought me to your blog in the first place!

kim taylor - - - the sassy crafter said...

Hi Karen! Yeah, it's pretty cool. Just imagine if these were for-credit courses -- college would be even more fun for students!

I stopped by your website and poked around -- very cool. I learned in your bio that we have something else in common -- I have green kitchen counters too. :-)

Thanks again for stopping by and for the kind words about my top!


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