Saturday, December 19, 2009

Atomic Holiday Bazaar 2009

Last weekend was Atomic Holiday Bazaar, and as usual, it certainly did not disappoint. Tons of amazing indie crafters were there selling their wares, including one of my personal favorites, Jessi of Our Lady of Perpetual Pickles. Isn't the name alone enough to make you smile? Since I love her pickles so much I picked up five, yes FIVE, jars of her amazing Dilly Beans. If any of you follow me on Twitter, you may recall the "Dill Beany Martini" recipe that I concocted last December. Yum! I showed a little restraint and only bought two jars of Sweet Heats.

I also finally bought something from Jordan of Opulent Oddities. I've been drooling over her refashioned vintage jewelry for far too long now. I picked out an amazing pair of dangly earrings that she made from some vintage brass beads, rhinestone chain, and a few other interesting bits. If you haven't visited Jordan's Etsy shop, it's definitely worth the trip for the descriptions alone. She creates amazing imaginary (or are they real?) stories for each and every one of her pieces. For example:
"They excused themselves from the women after dinner for a cigar and for brandy. But really all they were creating was an upper hand. A ritual to keep the women with the dishes and the men in luxury in big leather easy chairs and an air of smoke. But little did they know, the women they kept would not have this for long. They could have their smokes and their sauce for now, but soon they'd see just who had the upper hand..."
Sadly, I didn't get photos of either Jessi or Jordan's booths, but thanks to my ever-lovin' boyfriend, I do have photos of my own booth. Thanks, hon! Click on the photo at the top of this post to see my booth in all its chocked-to-the-gills glory. I even have little links on the photo so you can see the items up close and personal.

I did manage to sneak out of my booth a few times throughout the day and on one of my trips, I snapped a few shots of one of the cutest displays I saw. Tina of Working Girl used vintage metal file drawers to display her handmade pendants. Her attention to detail was impeccable -- she even had little tabs on the top of the manilla dividers that listed the prices and described the pendants (e.g., "monkeys"). It was just perfect!

Atomic Holiday Bazaar 2009

And speaking of Working Girl, if you're in the South Florida area then don't miss the great craft show that she's putting on along with When Bunnies Fly and the Hollywood Craft Mafia. It's called the Odd Duck Bazaar and it takes place March 27 in Davie, FL.


Jennifer D Burrell said...

Thanks for sharing. I've never been to this show. I LOVE how creative Working Girl's display is. Never saw a display like that and I've been to a lot of shows!
Happy Holidays!


kim taylor - - - the sassy crafter said...

Hi Jen-- my pleasure! I wish I had taken photos of some of the other cool booths, but I always run out of time for sight-seeing at events like that. If you're in the neighborhood next year, that show is definitely worth a visit!



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