Thursday, April 03, 2008

Big stores and crafty recycling

Apparently, Macy's is now interested in crafty recycling projects. I got their latest flyers in the mail, and the kid-centered flyer was chock full of projects made from recycled materials.

In this photo, you can just see the flower made from recycled water bottles peeking out from behind the cute little girl.

These boys are living out their Tom Sawyer dreams on a raft made from water cooler jugs.

On this page, they prompt readers to make a birdhouse out of an old coffee can. (Come on, does anyone get their coffee in something other than a Starbucks cup these days? It is a cute idea, though.) I've got to say that my favorite is the turtle in bottom half of the page. I think his neck is made out of an aluminum dryer vent hose. I'm not sure what framework they used for the shell, though it looks like it's stuffed with green plastic bottles.

And finally, more flowers!

If you want to see any of the images in a larger size, feel free to visit my Flickr site.

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Emily said...

I like the raft idea!


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