Friday, January 25, 2008

A different kind of key ring

sterling key ring
I saw this fabulous ring listed on Elsewares. What a cool idea! Apparently the ring is cast in sterling silver from an actual key. I definitely don't have the metal-smithing skills to make this myself, so I'll add it to my wish list for now.

I've always had a fascination with old keys, in part because my dad's parents took us to a place called The Baldpate Inn, which has an extensive key collection. Also, my mom's father passed down a box of old keys that had belonged to my great-grandfather. I've since used some of these keys to make a couple different projects--a windchime for my mother and a lampshade for me.

key shade
Elsewares also has other darling things, like a fly catcher necklace, a sterling bird necklace, and the Um tote. I'm in love with the tote because not only is a made of felted wool, but it also folds flat. Very clever.

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