Friday, November 13, 2009

Meet the stars of GLAM!

We've got an all-star cast lined up for GLAM -- Gainesville Local Art Mart -- which will take place on Sunday, Nov. 22 at the Thelma Boltin Center in Gainesville. Let's hope that it becomes Gainesville's most talked-about holiday shopping source.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

GLAM was ROCKIN!!! Thank you so much for putting it together. We had the best time meeting new people and other artists and DIYers. It was so exciting being around some really talented and fabulous people. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving all of us an outlet to show off our passions!

Kim Taylor Kruse said...

Thanks, Wendi! We wanted to create a unique marketplace, but it was also important for us to provide a venue that would bring people together. I'm glad that you felt we hit the mark!

Anonymous said...

Kim, You seriously hit the mark! There are so many talented DIYers, artists, crafters (and not your grandmama's goose land ornament crafters either!) in G'ville but we all struggle to get our work shown. GLAM was the best show ever. People were so open to new and interesting things. I loved taking a break from my table and meeting the other artists.

Today, I sent an email to my customers - online and locals - and gave the link to this post. One of my friends asked me yesterday if there was a list of the artists and links to their websites. I told her that you created one and I'd be glad to send it to her. Then I realized - I need to support my fellow DIYers, so I sent the link of the list to everybody!

Thank you again! I've heard so many compliments from the shoppers - they loved the DJ, they loved the location, they loved the variety! Awesome, awesome job. Thank you again!


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