Saturday, September 03, 2011

Crimson Tate: Modern Fabrics in Indy

It's funny sometimes how life works out. I traveled to Indianapolis on a work trip to attend the annual Garden Writers Association conference. I thought about trying to find cool fabric and craft stores to visit, but the conference schedule was pretty full.

But thanks to a serendipitous twist, I found Crimson Tate.

I was walking to dinner Friday night with a dear old friend from college. As we were nearing the restaurant, I glanced to the right and spotted something I hadn't expected to see--Amy Butler fabric!

By some twist of fate, I had managed to stumble across the only modern fabric shop and sewing studio in the downtown area! What are the chances?

Isn't her logo just the cutest? I guess it's not surprising that I like it -- it looks a lot like my own logo! Once we went inside and met Heather, the owner, I could totally see the resemblance! Heather is cute, energetic, and has a definite retro sensibility that I adored. I was seriously envying her modern cateye glasses.

The shop was open and airy, and it included some great vintage pieces like the farmhouse table in the first photo. Heather has done an excellent job of staging a number of beautiful vignettes that seamlessly blend the new fabrics with rich items from the past.

I fell in love with this pattern display. Can you believe it's old snow fencing?

As we talked, I learned that Heather also teaches sewing classes. We talked about all of the younger women who are getting interested in sewing and how exciting it is to see them fall in love with this wonderful tradition. Heather's truly a woman after my own heart!

Her entire shop/studio was fabulous! It's exactly the kind of space that I've always dreamed of opening. Who knows -- maybe before long I will!

If you're ever visiting Indy, be sure to stop by and see Heather!

Crimson Tate
845 Massachusetts Ave
Downtown Indianapolis, IN 46204

Store hours:
Tuesday - Friday 11-7
Saturday 11-6
Sunday & Monday Closed

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