Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It rained yesterday. Hard. We haven't had a storm like that since last summer.

On the way home, I was mesmerized by the interplay of patterns between the glistening raindrops on the windshield and the constantly changing background. (Don't worry, mom -- I wasn't the one driving.)

I really wanted to get a picture of this but my camera was having the hardest time focusing. When we got stuck at a stoplight, I was finally able to snap this shot. At first, I was frustrated at the camera for being so slow. But the truth is, I often have a hard time focusing too.

Funny, eh?

I guess the truth here is that it can sometimes take awhile to get focused, but once you do, the final picture will be that much clearer.

Get focused. Figure out what really matters to you in life and then chase it down. You may run across storms that cloud your view, but do your best to dance between the raindrops and keep your mind locked in on that final picture that you know is possible.

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