Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sewing class wrap-up

Thanks to all of the ladies who turned out for my sewing classes through the UF Leisure Course program!

Six students made it the morning class, despite the early morning deluge. We went through the basics of working with a sewing machine, which was no small task given that each student had a different machine that ranged in age from 50 years old to less than 5 years old.

Here's a shot of my 51-year old Brother machine that I brought for demonstration purposes (though it does still run like a champ).

Vintage 1958 Brother sewing machine

Then we made pillow covers out of old button-front shirts. Everyone seemed happy with what they made. I'm still kicking myself that I didn't take photos of the students' projects, but here's a shot of the demo pillow covers that I made.

Completed pillow covers

Although nine students were registered for the afternoon class, only four showed up. Maybe some of the would-be students got distracted by the Celebration of Wine taking place down the hall. The smaller class size ended up being an advantage -- we had more table space for laying out the pieces for the pajama pants that we made in class.

Again, everyone seemed happy with their projects. And again, I neglected to take pictures. Dagnabbit! At any rate, here is a picture of the fabrics that I let the students choose from.

Fabric for pajama pants class

I'll be offering sewing classes like this again in the future. Check back here on my blog or on the UF Leisure Course site.

And speaking of sewing classes, are there any particular classes you'd like to see? I was thinking about offering an apron class but am open to other suggestions. Leave me a comment and let me know what classes you'd be interested in!


me said...

Hi! I just moved up to Gainesville a few weeks ago and stumbled upon your blog. I took a beginning sewing class about 6 months ago and learned how to sew a skirt. It was so much fun and I became hooked.

However, after moving here, I haven't been able to find anything!!

I'm dying to get back into it and was so happy when I found this site! Will you be having anymore classes anytime soon? If not, do you know anywhere I could find a class?


Kim said...

Hi Ashley!

I'm glad you found my blog. I'll be offering more sewing classes in the fall. I'll offer the two beginner classes that I've done in the past, plus I'm hoping to offer two new project-specific classes. Right now I'm leaning toward making aprons in one class (they're so hot right now), and a set of placemats or cloth napkins in the other. Easy-to-make clothing is another option.

Stay tuned here on the blog for more details!


Kat said...

Hi Kim,

I was just wondering if you might offer private sewing lessons. I wanted to make it to your class at UF, but my schedule didn't allow it to work out.

Also, I think the apron idea would be really cool. Other ideas that I have might be a handbag or cosmetic bag for travel.

I personally would like to learn how to make regular sized pillowcases.

Thanks, Kat

kim taylor - - - the sassy crafter said...

Hi Kat,

Yes, I'd be happy to work one-on-one with you! Drop me an email and we can talk specifics. My email is sassycrafter(at)gmail.com.



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