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reversible coozie
Coozie close-up
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Create a snazzy coozie that folds flat to fit in your pocket while you're heading to the stadium to tailgate with your friends. Plus it's reversible, which means you can make it to match your favorite gameday outfits. It's also a great project for small fabric scraps you might have hanging around.

What you need:

+ Fabric
+ Foam
+ Thread
+ Sewing machine
+ Iron
+ Velcro

What to do:

1) Cut two pieces of fabric that are 10 inches by 4.5 inches. Also cut a 9.5-inch by 4-inch piece of something to use as insulation. I recommend a using a thin, lightweight and flexible foam from your local fabric store. If you use thicker foam, you'll need to increase the size of the fabric pieces to fit.

2) Put the two pieces of fabric right sides together and stich along the long edges and one of the short edges using a quarter-inch seam allowance. Turn right side out and press the seams using the iron. Also press in the remaining free edges one-quarter inch.

3) Slide the insulation inside the fabric rectangle and topstitch a random pattern to hold the insulation in place. Tuck in the free edges on the fourth side of the fabric rectangle and topstitch the opening closed. Sew the rough and smooth pieces of velcro to opposite ends of the coozie. Bonus tip: Use wide velcro and the coozie will fit both cans and bottles.

4) Pop open a cold one and try out your new coozie!

Interested in learning to sew? Drop me a line at I'm planning to offer Sewing 101 classes within the year.

You can also sign up for the felting/sewing workshop I'm offering on Sunday, Oct. 4 through the UF leisure course program.

This column originally appeared in the September issue of
The Satellite.


Anonymous said...

this is cute. i am going to have to try and make one

Kim said...

Thanks! If you do make one, let me know -- I'll post about it here on my blog. :-)


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