Friday, August 22, 2008

Death of the Octopus

Death of the Octopus
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We're in the middle of Tropical Storm Fay. Aside from the limbs and trees that have been falling, my beloved octopus chandelier also took a dive.

For those of you who aren't familar with this chandelier, I made it by repurposing a tacky 1980s brass-look chandelier. I spray painted it matte silver and then wrapped the arms with pearl Mardi Gras Beads. I gutted the electrical parts and added tea lights.

At any rate, I guess the wind must have rocked it enough to loosen the eye-hook it was hanging from. Sadly, two of the arms snapped when it fell, so unless I can come up with a creative solution, this may be the end of the octopus chandelier.


Repurposed chandelier


Fred Sowder said...

Sorry to hear about the o-chandelier. I'm surprised we didn't hear the crash from here. Best of luck in rehabbing it! -fs

Kim said...

Thanks, Fred. I didn't hear the crash either, but I did hear that one awful groan. Did y'all hear that? Another neighbor says the power lines make that noise when branches rub against them in storms. It sounded like there was a T-Rex in our backyards!

tina said...

are you sure there's no salvageing it? what a beauty.

Kim said...

Thanks, Tina. I'm going to try using some heavy-duty, two-part putty epoxy to secure that arms. I'll add some to the other parts of the lamp to make it look like an intended design element. I'm hoping it ends up looking like something that's been buried at the bottom of the sea!

Ms Jay said...

Aww what a shame to lose such a good piece. But the good news is that its legacy lives on...I plan on copying that great idea of putting pearls on the arms. I love classy!!


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