Monday, July 14, 2008

Heartless rip-offs

It's an indie designer's worst fear--that someone else copy her design. Sure, it's innocent enough to borrow inspiration from another's work, but to outright copy it stitch for stitch? Well, that's an unspeakable horror.

Trashy Diva knows this all too well. She's been making fab vintage-inspired clothes for 12 years, selling both at her boutiques in New Orleans, wholesale to other vendors, and online. Apparently, one of her wholesalers ripped off one of her designs. You can read about what happened on Trashy Diva's MySpace.

It's infuriating. And heartless. And just plain wrong.
The only upside is that Trashy Diva is fighting fire with fire by offering the dress in question--the Trixie--for a discounted price. Take that, imposters!


Cheryl said...

Hey Kim,
Love your blog - added to google reader so I can share and check often. Very similar to the projects that go on around Stash Studios except you seem to be a little more prolific this summer.

This totally sucks what has happened with Trashy Diva. I've been a fan of her for a while now but hadn't been following on her myspace. Thanks for the update. I will post something similar to spread the word.
Peace out,

Kim said...

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for the comment and for implying that I'm prolific. I feel like I've been slacking on my blog duties--too much summer travel. I've got several new posts in the works, so stay tuned! And thanks for spreading the word about Trashy Diva.

Craftastically yours,

twokitties said...

I spent many happy afternoons in Trashy Diva - before the flood. That is just wrong - but all too common, probably.

lovemaryxoxo said...

Wow. Bummer for that to happen to her. Hopefully it'll bite the importers in the butt.


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